then the wind came   December 2018 (Steele Roberts Aotearoa)

Meniscus Literary Journal Vol. 6 Issue 2.   ‘Thrum’   November 2018

Bonsai: Best small stories from Aotearoa New Zealand   ‘Hands’   August 2018

Reflex Fiction   ‘Swan’   May 2018

Reflex Fiction Anthology, Barely Casting a Shadow, Volume 1   ‘Rabid Dogs’   May 2018 

Flash Frontier   ‘Toetoe’   April 2018

Bath Flash Fiction Anthology, The Lobsters Run Free, Volume Two   ‘Piss Pants’  November 2017

Pacific Monsters   ‘Ink’   November 2017

Flash Frontier   ‘Watcher’   November 2017

Reflex Fiction‘Rabid Dogs’   November 2017

Nottingham Peacebuilders Anthology: Small Acts of Kindness  ‘Split’   November 2017

Elbow Room Vol.18   ‘Karanga’  September 2017

Ora Nui 3: Māori Literary Journal   ‘Karanga’ and ‘Mokopuna’    June 2017

Centum Press 100 Voices Volume III   ‘Bystander’   June 2017 

Micro Madness Top 22   ‘Anchor’   June 2017   

Reflex Fiction  Ladybird’   April 2017

The Island Review   ‘Karanga’   January 2017


then the wind came   December 2018 (Steele Roberts Aotearoa)

Blue Oyster Art Project Space   ‘Mōteatea’  August 2018

Poems in the Waiting Room  ‘Kōwhai’   June 2018

Krakow/Heidelberg UNESCO CoL Project. Contributing author,  ‘intuit’  June 2018

Handmade poetry fascicles  Whakamahara  October 2017

What’s on in your Backyard   ‘Paper to Water’   December 2017


Corpus   ‘This thing lies luminous’   October 2017

Corpus   ‘Thinking outside the box’   June 2017

Dunedin Public Libraries, NB Magazine   National Flash Fiction Day’   May/June 2017


Reflex Fiction April 2018 (long-listed)

Bath Novella in Flash 2018 (short-listed)

Reflex Fiction November 2016 (long-listed)

Headland October 2017 (short-listed)

Micro Madness 2017 (finalist)

Bonsai 2017 (finalist)

Bath Flash Fiction Award 2017 (long-listed)

Headland Frontier Prize 2016

New Zealand Society of Authors Mentorship 2015



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