Ode to You


I remember when you were young

so full of tenderness and wonder

a deep chuckle far beyond your years

you knew things that we’d forgotten

but now an enraged beast resides

hacking away beneath the surface

of your beautiful skin

religiously I bargain with gods

grateful when my outstretched hands are slapped away

because it means you are alive

I will not stand by and watch you bleed

you are ageing as you endure this torment

and I must keep my despair

safely tucked away

when you fall I will always pick you up

I refuse to turn my back

or pretend

that the shadowy beast has gone

because I still see glimmers of light inside you

I will not stand by and watch you bleed

when you were young you dreamt of things

much better than this

patiently I wait for you to return

my promise is to speak out

against the cruelty you turn inwards

my place is to remain unflinching

when you clothe yourself in darkness again

because I see the love you hold

deep down


your beautiful skin


Note: A reworked version of an older poem. In support of those left behind, after the recent suicide of one of our young people. Iona x


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