Whenever I gather harakeke (flax) to weave I notice the interconnection of IMG_1023my hands with Papatūānuku and Rangi-nui. I recall the components that nourish the plant, and always leave three rows of growth, to ensure grandparent, parent and child remain intact.

Past, present and future all in one moment, standing together.

Growth and support are important to me, and without being gushy, I need to say I’m extremely grateful for all the writerly support I’ve received over the past eight months.

Without loving support from whānau, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and people I’ve met on social media platforms, I couldn’t have got through being brain injured and regaining my life by degrees since June 2017. Kā mihi nu nui, many thanks to you all.

A whakatauāki (proverb) ‘Ka mua, ka muri’ prompts me to move forward facing the past—and to be informed, mindful, and supported by it. And I know these three things:

  • Papatūānuku has been brutally treated by us humans. So I will remain committed to being an environmentally conscious woman. We have to stop harming Mother Earth now.
  • It’s all too easy to hate on one another, but aroha (love) is infinitely more powerful. So I’m choosing to stand in a place of aroha first.
  • The future of our mokopuna (grandchildren) is uncertain. It is up to us to do something to prepare the soil for them to grow. So I’ll keep writing stories, preparing gardens, take good care of myself, and be there for those who need me.

Wishing you peace, aroha and wellbeing as we engage with 2018.

Iona x



2 thoughts on “Weaving

  1. Kia Ora e hoa! Thankyou for your courage and continued commitment those values which you hold so dear and which in turn nourish and water those of us fortunate enough to come into your orbit. Ka lite!

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