Micro Madness

Kia ora WordPress whānau,

It’s not a freshly created post today, but rather a shared link for a micro/flash published yesterday.

Stoked that I made it into the Top 22 of Micro Madness, an offshoot of National Flash Fiction Day.  And I love the idea of less being more.

Day 11 is where you’ll find my story ‘Anchor’. https://nationalflash.org/micro-madness/

Happy reading 🙂


Thinking outside the box

Kia ora WordPress whānau,

Sharing today an essay I’ve written for Corpus—a wonderful digital forum where ‘conversations about medicine and life’ take place.

It speaks to a shared journey with fibromyalgia, cancer, chronic pain and managing conditions holistically, to include our indigenous perspectives and practices.


Please share, if you feel it might be useful for others.

Ngā mihi nui, best wishes


the three

lifeIMG_1340 love loss

exactly the same

regardless of where they sit

be it lap or throat

all three

peel back the folds of me

exposing a core

of bruised and hidden truths


iIMG_1061 walk the mist swathed whenua

into light captured spiderwebs

lakeside swans poke their arses in the air

to remind me of what has been stripped bare


homeless people sleep near the bubbling springs at night but come morning are moved on—make way for the tourists, this is not your home


a stillness belies the mauri underfoot


to the dampened whisper

as Papatūānuku keens


unobscured mistsIMG_0182

met the junction of my skin


constriction becalmed


a waterfall-salve

of rivulets ran

thick with purpose

and the promise of you

(Picture taken at McLean Falls, Southland, Aotearoa)





I listen to moth-wings beatIMG_0647

against paned glass

while rain taps the iron roof

and stars are extinguished for the night

i recount my deepest fear

that i would drown

and leave you bereft

i remember galaxies

familiar as my freckled skin

the dust of which has shaped us

i listen to moth-wings beat